The Mussel Shoal

A new dining experience in Porthleven Harbour.

The café kiosk on the quay will serve French bistro-style food, including moules-frites but the real fun part is that diners can book to be taken out to eat on a pontoon in the harbour for a dramatic dining experience on the sea.

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I skipped the fresh tarragon as I don’t want anything getting in the way of the flavor of the steamy, tender mussels – except the fries. Those get a free pass, toujours.

David Lebovitz
The Story

The name 'Mussel Shoals' was inspired from Muscle Shoals in Alabama USA and its famous Sound Studio the unlikely site of historic soul, rock and country.

The city gets its name from a former natural feature of the Tennessee River, namely Muscle Shoals, a shallow zone where mussels were gathered. When the area was first settled, the distinct spelling "mussel" to refer to a shellfish had not yet been fully adopted.

Listen to The Mussel Shoal 100

The Mussel Shoal 100

The unlikely site of historic soul, rock and country recordings.


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Mussel Shoals Cafe, Harbour Head, Porthleven TR13 9YJ


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